Whoever Become Your Love Later

Think about this letter after heard a story from a friend.


Anyone who becomes your love later, I'm sure he will love you like I love you. Probably more.
Because he would have had plenty of time for you. He will also be there whenever you need. He can keep you company on the way without a plan. 

Anyone who would be there with you after me, I'm sure he'll take care of you like me to take care of you. Even more.
Because he will always be on the right side of your bed. He also will hold you all night. He can keep you asleep in the warmth of his body.

Whoever you love after me, it will always be better than me.
Because I can only love you via text message. I can only accompany you through the voice on the other line. I can only hold you in the pictures do not move. I can only take care of you from the distance. I can only love with my best so I can erase the distance.

Anyone who becomes lover later, he was the champion.

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