People Watching

Hello! Wah, it's been a while I don't write any post on this blog. Not really sure if anyone still come to read my posts, but today but today it feels like I want to add something in this blog while sitting in the coffee shop and drinking discount coffee because today there is a promo.

So I have my free time this evening and decided to go to Starbucks and do what usually I do. People watching, this term I found on the internet. I never realized that I had enjoyed so far was something people called people watching, one of therapy, people treatment. It works for some people, but for other maybe this action is more like what stalkers do. 

I like to observe people, if I am doing this with my friends this would be julid session, discreetly observing the actions and lifestyles of other people in order to gain knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. Cangkemu, le.  And for me, this therapy is a powerful cure. Somehow, this activity made it seem as if my mind was gradually recovering from being looking at an intense relationship between humans and humans, especially when they were talking. Our ego in communication as humans only chooses to be understood without wanting to understand, we sometimes forget about it sometimes.

I once swam every morning to peace my mind, but I was too lazy to get up early. I once tried to exercise by running every afternoon, but I was too tired to walk. Trying to listen to soft music has also been tried, but after a while, I change the genre to songs that horok-horok suddenly.

I felt that my ability to hear was lower than my ability to speak. I really like to respond, I really feel that I have a stage, and people should hear what I say. It turned out that I was wrong, it covered many of my ways to change and develop.

Selfish. If only I had the ability to hear more than the ability to speak, maybe at least I could not help me to not easily hate things that we did not understand.

It turns out I have to learn a lot about this.


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